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“You are the only one who has really taken interest in my case! Looking out for me!”  P.R., Murrysville, PA

Dr. Nebel’s office truly cares about my condition and I feel that he and his staff are more than competent in their treatment of my injuries!”  J.A., Penn Hills, PA

“I feel without the care of Dr. Nebel, I would have not returned to work so fast, or be able to do some of the recreational activities I do!”  V.T. Monroeville, PA

“I had a car accident and developed severe neck pain and lower back  pain that radiated down my right leg. Before coming to Dr. Nebel, I took ibuprofen for the pain and all the medical doctors I went to would just prescribe different types of medication. Now that I have been treated, I can work and be on my feet for long periods of time without pain or medication. Dr. Nebel is the only doctor that helped me to strengthen my back and relieve the pain!”  K.O., North Huntingdon, PA

“In August when I was in a major car accident, I wanted Dr. Nebel to treat me. At the time of the accident, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a concussion and given ibuprofen for the severe headaches and low back pain I was experiencing. It did not help at all, and I knew better than to just mask the symptoms. Now that I have been under Dr. Nebel’s care, my headaches and low back pain have decreased. Dr. Nebel has checked all the bases and referred me to different specialists due to severity of my symptoms. He is very caring and understanding to the special needs of every individual patient!” D.W., Penn Hills, PA

“ When I first came to Dr. Nebel, I could not walk or stand up straight. The pain was unbearable! After only a week of treatments, I could stand up straight and the pain had subsided greatly. “  A.K., Penn Hills

“My symptoms included lower and upper back pain, headaches and insomnia. I would visit my family doctor, he would just prescribe me some type of medication for my headaches and sleepiness. In the beginning it seemed to work, but in the long run, the pains just came back. Since I have been visiting Dr. Nebel I have had major relief from my headaches. The headaches have stopped and my lower and upper back feels great and I am sleeping a lot better.”  J.N., Monroeville

“My wife had an auto accident which resulted in constant pain that prevented her from sleeping or sitting. She tried numerous medical doctors, various types of medications, and two back surgeries with absolutely no relief. After treating with Dr. Nebel, she has a lot less pain and experiences periods with no pain at all. We highly recommend Dr. Nebel to anyone in pain or anyone who wants to be healthier!” R.K., Monroeville

“The doctor and staff are very helpful and considerate.  I would not have made any progress at all if it weren’t for the care I’m receiving!” F.M., Leechburg, PA

“The care is excellent!  My condition seems to be improving with th help of your services!”  M.M., Braddock, PA

“My care has been very good.  Dr. Nebel shows a lot of concern about my condition and explains things thoroughly!” K.D., Penn Hills, PA

“I feel that the care was very good.  The adjustments and exercise program combined with time off proved effective!”  C.B., Indiana, PA

“For what seems like forever, I have been trying to get rid of and constantly suffering from migraines, sinus headaches, shoulder pain, and a stiff neck.  I had gone to several medical doctors.  They all constantly prescribed drugs to “help” with the headaches, but the drugs never got rid of the problem.  I was also taking 6-8 aspirin per day, every day.  In the end of October, as a last resort, I came to Dr. Nebel’s office.  I feel like a new person.  I have not taken any type of medication in over two weeks.  My neck no longer feels stiff and the pain in the back of my head and through my sinuses are gone!  I’m extremely surprised at the wonderful results.  When I first came to Dr. Nebel, I was very skeptical.  Now, I’m one of his biggest fans.”  C.P., Turtle Creek, PA

“Before I came to see Dr. Nebel I could not move my neck even ½ way to either shoulder.  I also felt like I constantly had a fist jabbed under my right shoulder blade and a constant headache that went from the back of my neck to behind my eyes.  They were so severe that at times my left eye would swell.  In the middle of March I saw Dr. Nebel, I thought I would try one more time to relieve my pain.  Now I feel better than I have in a long time.  I have full mobility in my neck, my headaches are completely gone and I no longer have the feeling of a fist under my shoulder blade.  The entire staff makes me feel special.  They are all true professionals in their respective fields, and yet simple, down to earth people I can call my friends.” P.D., Pittsburgh.

“I have had a slightly herniated disk in my neck for quite a number of years.  It does not bother me all the time, but when it flares up, I can be in a good deal of pain.  I I have been able to avoid surgery on the disk because of the work that Dr. Nebel does on my neck and back.  The surgeon that I consulted years ago, at Dr. Nebel’s suggestion, advised that if I kept up the chiropractic work and could deal with the occasional flare ups, surgery should not be necessary.  So far so good, thanks to the good work of Dr. Nebel.”  H.R. Monroeville

“My family and I give Dr. Nebel our absolute highest recommendation!!  Countless times he has relieved my chronic neck and back pain…without medication.  I’ve sent many referrals to Dr. Nebel and they all received positive results!  I would not dream of seeking treatments from anyone else.”  S.G., North Huntingdon

“I was always skeptical of chiropractic.  However, after 5 days of a stiff neck that just wouldn’t go away…and lots of Motrin, , I gave Dr. Nebel’s office a try.  Just the first treatment gave me relief to get through the weekend.  Goodbye Motrin!  Subsequent adjustments and prescribed exercises have strengthened the neck.  Thanks to Dr. Nebel, I was able to avoid prescription painkillers.”  S.W., Monroeville

Original visit was for headaches.  My Chiropractor was on vacation and I needed treatment.  Then I had extreme pain in my lower back and shooting down my legs, at this time I switched chiropractors because I was getting no relief!  Since switching to Dr. Nebel – I feel great!  He was very thorough!  Dr. Nebel was more thorough than any other chiropractor I had ever been to!  He found that I had a herniated disc and treated me for that (and still does occasionally).  Most recently I’ve had headaches, which he has been treating me for – I haven’t had a headache in weeks!  His office staff is also exceptional!  Always upbeat!  Headaches have diminished and disc problem is under control!!  Thanks Dr. Nebel and Staff!”  D.L., Pittsburgh

“I just wanted to tell you and your staff how considerate you all are.  Before I started coming to see a Chiropractor, I did have some difficulty standing up straight, lower back pain or aches; I never thought of going to see a Chiropractor.  I started going to see Dr. Nebel about 2 years ago.  He did a thorough exam along with x-rays and history.  He was able to determine that adjustments were necessary.  After I had been coming awhile, along with the adjustments, I was able to stand straight and the lower back pain I had, went away.  Also, I want to say the adjustments did relieve some stress in muscles.  When he started adjusting my neck, I no longer get headaches only sinus headaches.  I also do not get sick like I used to.  I do want to mention that he also gives adjustments to my son Michael who is 8 years old.  He enjoys the little extra time Dr. Nebel gives him.   Again, let me say I want to let Pat, Dr. Nebel, C.J. and Bev know how much I appreciate the care that is given and when I call and need to come in, I usually get in the same day with no waiting at all.”  N.B. Pittsburgh

“I was suffering with neck pain and discomfort.  It was recommended by a friend that I call Dr. Nebel for an evaluation.  Dr. Nebel, Casey and Pat welcomed me as a patient and continue to be the most friendly, pleasant, down to earth staff I have ever met in any medical office.  With Dr. Nebel’s care I have full mobility in my neck again and I am feeling better than I have in a long time.  I owe my well being to Dr. Nebel.  I have already recommended Dr. Nebel to a friend (who is now a patient as well) and I will continue to recommend him and his staff.  Thank you Dr. Nebel, Casey and Pat!”  D.M., Pittsburgh

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