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Monroeville, PA

As a doctor practicing in Monroeville, PA for over 22 years, I wanted to share some interesting information about our hometown.


Colonial pioneers began to settle in what is present day Monroeville around 1769.  Many of which were farmers who lived in one room log cabins.  Most families were self supportive and relied on the land to meet their needs.  Surpluses were usually traded, mostly for seed, in anticipation of a future fruitful harvest.  Small, residential clusters included a locale that became known as Monroeville in 1851.  There is debate if this decision came to honor, John Joel Monroe or President James Monroe.

In 1807, the “modern highway”, Northern Pike was completed from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, and Monroeville.  When a local farmer, Joel Monroe began selling off lots along the road, he was inadvertently creating the core of the modern community that perhaps bears his name.  In 1849 the village became part of the newly formed Patton Township.

It was during the 20th century that Monroeville grew from a farming village with horses and buggies traveling across dirt roads, to a flourishing suburban community with major highways.

As Monroeville grew, companies and corporations were drawn to this attractive suburb.  Monroeville’s reputation as a commercial hub  and shopping center was given stature with the opening of the Monroeville Mall in 1969.

Today’s Monroeville is a Municipality of some 30,000 and roads, travel and transportation remains the lifeblood of the community.

4328 Old William Penn Highway | Monroeville, PA 15146

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